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As a member of Pedspal you get great savings on vaccines, medical supplies, capital equipment and services. We monitor the market and check invoices to ensure you always receive the lowest possible prices. We'll even give you a free supply cost review to help you take full advantage of all of our discounts and to maximize your annual shared administrative fees.


Significant savings include, but are not limited to: Gardasil 9, Hep A (VAQTA), Hep B (Recombivax), MMR, Pneumovax, ProQuad, RotaTeq, Varivax and Zostavax. 

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PedsPal offers discounts on Trumenba (Meningococcal Group B Vaccine).

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Sanofi Pasteur
Sizable savings include, but are not limited to: ActHIB, DTaP (Daptacel), Fluzone, Fluzone High Dose, Flublok, IPOL, Menactra, Pentacel and TDaP (Adacel).

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PedsPal offers discounts on Heplisav-B (Adult Hepatitis B Vaccine).

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Henry Schein
Your free PedsPal membership offers you Henry Schein's lowest national pricing on all medical supplies.

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Retractable Technologies Inc.
Save on purchases from a company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets safety needle devices for the healthcare industry. The company's VanishPoint products offer engineered sharps injury protection.

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Save even more on Office Depot's low everyday prices with your free PedsPal membership.

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Savings on high quality coding, compliance and reimbursement resources, plus a library of other essential medical books and reference materials.

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Builders' Sales and Service Company
Save money by protecting vital and valuable vaccines. We have carefully selected a high-quality commercial refrigeration line worthy of recommendation without unnecessary spending. Here, you can receive discounts as high as 60%.

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SMART Temps Temperature Management System
Have peace of mind and a good night's sleep knowing that your vaccines are safe and protected 24/7 by the most advanced, wireless monitoring system specifically serving health care.

SMART Temps ordering    About SMART Temps Vaccine temperature monitoring

partner-oncore.pngOncore Technology
Next generation medical waste management. Oncore Technology is second to none in providing regulated medical waste services, including collection, transportation, treatment and safe recycling of treated material. Oncore is privately owned and committed to providing you impeccable service. Oncore can save you a lot of money – members report savings as much as 50% by moving to Oncore.

Oncore Technology ordering    Contact Tyler Aubertin: 877-786-7060


Oakworks Medical
Oakworks Medical products are available at contract discount prices exclusively for PedsPal members.

Oakworks Medical website   Oakworks Medical orders

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Special deals:
Save 20% on Pain Management, Ultrasound, and Exam Treatment Tables from Oakworks Medical. Mention code PedsPal20 when ordering to receive this discount.

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