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With your free membership to PedsPal, you save big regardless of your practice size. Save significantly on everything—from your biggest-selling, most-in-demand vaccines, to the smallest of office supplies, and every need in between.

We offer the lowest prices available on the entire Henry Schein catalog and all Sanofi and Merck vaccines. In addition, we offer annual cash rebates to physicians who buy both their Sanofi and Merck vaccines through our program. Our program also has no minimum order requirements.

To give you a feel for the savings you can expect as a member, here are the top items being purchased by our members.



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9920002 BX BD Veritor Sys FLU A+B Test CLIA Wv, 30/Bx Becton-Dickinson 256045 330.51
1475913 BT Multistix Strip Urinalysis Test 10SG Parameter 100/Bt  Siemens Medical Soluti  10336425 35.10
1217553 BX BD Veritor Sys RSV Test CLIA Wv, 30/Bx Becton-Dickinson 256038 332.20
1065736 BX Ld Reagent Test Kit 48 Count CLIA Waived f/Leadcare II Ea  ESA Inc  70-6762  380.38
3458733 BX Microcuvette f/ HB201 Plus Analyzer Hemoglobin 4x50/Bx  Hemocue, Inc  111716 259.28
1022285 BT Urispec 11-Way HSI Strip Test f/ Urine 100/Bt  Henry Schein Inc.  93060.2X6.1  21.37
7840052 BX Ceftriaxone Sodium Inj SDV 250mg 10/Bx  Lupin Pharmaceuticals  11162 9.60
1161818 CR Albuterol Oral Solution Inhalation 0.083% 3mL 25/Cr  Nephron Pharmaceutica 487950125 3.79
9920006 BX BD Veritor Sys Strep A Test CLIA Wv, 30/Bx Becton-Dickinson 256040 61.02
2480644 VL Lidocaine HCL Inj Non-Returnable 1% 50mL/Vl Ea Hospira Worldwide, Inc 409427602 3.02
1024486 VL Dexamethasone Sod Phos MDV 4mg/ml 30ml  Fresenius Kabi USA, LL 63323016530 8.81
9870029 BX  Needle 25gx5/8" PrecisionGlide Bvl Strl Blue Shlf Pk 100/Bx  Becton-Dickinson  305122 3.74
9875901 BX Needle 25gx5/8" SafetyGlide Bvl Shield Strl Blue Shlf Pk 50/Bx  Becton-Dickinson  305901 12.25
9004468 BX Needle 25g x 5/8" HSI Blue 100/box, 10 bx/CA Henry Schein Inc.  9004468 2.67
9872220 BX Syringe 3cc LL 25gx5/8" Dtch Ndl 100/Bx Becton-Dickinson  309570 5.65
6782442 BX Probe Cover f/ Braun Pro4000 Thermoscan Tympanic 200/Bx  Welch-Allyn  05075-005  10.86
5660460 BX Probe Cover f/ SureTemp Thermometer 250/Bx  Welch-Allyn  05031-110 4.96
1118536 BX Glove Exam PF Nitrile LF Medium Criterion 100/Bx  Henry Schein Inc.  1118536 6.13
5700089 BX Glove Exam PF Vinyl Medium NS Criterion 100/Bx  Henry Schein Inc.  5700089 2.81
1025421 BX Glove Exam PF Latex Medium Criterion PC 100/Bx  Henry Schein Inc.  1025421 6.15
1009865 CA Paper Table 18"x125' Roll Crepe White 12/Ca  Henry Schein Inc. 6183 15.10
1000580 PK Cup Medicine 1oz Polyethylene Graduated Clear Disposable 100/  Dynarex Corporation  4252 0.84
1000758 BX Depressor Tongue HSI Junior NS 500/Bx  Henry Schein Inc.  1000758 5.52
5661679 BG Speculum Ear Kleenspec Otoscope Unv Pediatric 2.75mm Disp 85  Welch-Allyn  52432-U  23.81

Download Henry Schein pricing sheet.


VL 1148668 Betamethasone Sod Phos&Betamethasone Acet Inj Susp 6MG/mL 5mL/Vl 38.75 00517072001 American Regent Inc
BX 1046897 Bupivacaine HCL Inj Teartop 0.25% 10mL 25/Bx 43.74 0115901 Hospira Worldwide, Inc
BX 2771075 Bupivacaine lnj SDV 1 Oml 0.50% 25/Bx 51.76 4935581 AuroMedics Pharma
BX 5557292 Catheter 22gx1"" Jelco IV Straight Hub Radiopaque 50/Bx 45.48 405011 Smiths Medical ASD, Inc
BX 5700639 Criterion Surgical Gloves Latex PF 7.5 Sterile Natural 50Pr/Bx 25.63 5700639 Henry Schein Inc.
BX 9088623 Depo-Medrol Inj SDV w/ Preservative 80mg/mL 1mL 25/Bx 409.56 00009347503 Pfizer Injectables
BX 2311203 Depo-Medrol Inj SDV With Preservatives 40mg/mL 1mL 25/Bx 200.05 00009307303 Pfizer Injectables
BX 4067616 Dexamethasone Sodium Phosphate Inj SDV PF 10mg/mL 1mL 25/Bx 29.10 63323050601 Fresenius Kabi USA, LLC.
BX 1500143 Diprivan lnj 10ml SDV 10Mg/ml 10/Bx 14.38 63323026910 Fresenius Kabi USA, LLC
BX 4998680 Dressing Site-Loc IV 4x4-3/4" Transparent w/ Label NAdhv 50/Bx 19.71 MS-11124 Medsource International
BX 9007439 Glove Exam PF Nitrile Medium Criterion N200 200/Bx 8.71 9007439 Henry Schein Inc.
VL 1969429 Kenalog-40 Inj 40mg/mL 10mL/Vl Ea, 24 VL/CA 54.25 00003029328 Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
VL 1968300 Kenalog-40 Inj 40mg/mL 1mL/Vl Ea 7.16 00003029305 Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.
PK 1296508 Lidocaine HCI MDV 50ml 1% 10/Pk 22.96 00143957710 West-Ward Pharm
PK 1103839 Lidocaine HCl USP Inj SDV Teartop PF 1% 30mL 25/Pk 61.42 0427902 Hospira Worldwide, Inc
EA 1044686 Methylprednisolone Acetate lnj SDV 80mg/ml 25x1ml 357.63 00703005104 Myco Medical
BX 1165010 Needle 20gX3-1/2"" Tuohy Epidural Plastic Hub Short Yellow 25/Bx 73.84 TUFW20G351 Myco Medical Supplies
BX 9870313 Needle 22gx3-1/2"" Quincke Spinal Black 25/Bx 40.29 405181 Becton-Dickinson
BX 9870092 Needle 25gx1-1/2"" PrecisionGlide Regular Bevel Strl Blue 100/Bx 3.80 305127 Becton-Dickinson
BX 9873586 Needle Key/ Slot 22gx5"" Quincke Spinal Long Blk 10/Bx 39.08 405148 Becton-Dickinson
BX 9878728 Needle Key/ Slot 25gx3-1/2"" Quincke Spinal Blu 25/Bx 34.48 405180 Becton-Dickinson
BX 1089526 Omnipaque PlusPak Contrast Media 240mg/mL 50mL Bt Inj 10/Bx 43.02 Y-520 GE Healthcare
BX 1010005 Sponge Gauze HSI Sterile Cotton 4x4"" 12 Ply 2's 50/Bx 2.52 908272 Henry Schein Inc.
BX 1278254 Syringe 10cc LL w/o Needle 10mL 200/Bx, 2 BX/CA 15.75 302995 Becton-Dickinson
BX 9837610 Syringe 7cc LS Epilor Loss of Resistance w/o Ndl Strl 10/Bx 20.43 405292 Becton-Dickinson
CN 1066794 Wipe MaxiWipe Germicidal Large 160 Count Ea 5.24 P68372 Henry Schein Inc.

Download Henry Schein pricing sheet
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