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We just received our sales report from Henry Schein for the second quarter of 2016. Our members’ purchasing through this agreement has grown by almost 29 percent over the same period last year. We think we have exceptional Henry Schein pricing and this level of growth confirms it.

With our Henry Schein agreement providing such savings, we asked ourselves why all of our members aren’t taking advantage of it. We have come up with three possible reasons:

  1. You have all the money you would ever like to have and aren’t interested in saving more;
  2. You love your current medical supply rep and don’t mind paying for his/her preferred lifestyle;
  3. You aren’t aware of our program, or thought you automatically started getting our pricing when you joined PedsPal.

We can’t help you with the first two reasons, but we absolutely want to get you linked to our pricing if you are not already. These great discounts cover everything Henry Schein sells and are available to every one of our members in every specialty.

If you aren’t sure if you are participating, we can check for you, so please give us a call or send us an email.

We are here to save you money and enjoy working to do so every day.

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Email us at, or call 1-877-923-2233 so we can assist with your enrollment. It’s truly a hassle-free endeavor that takes about 10 minutes.

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