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One of the most frustrating things about new technology (like the internet) is the ease with which vendors can misrepresent what they have to offer. You wind up buying what you think is a great solution, only to find that it doesn’t perform as advertised, or, in the case of purchasing programs, doesn’t offer the savings you were promised. To help you avoid these frustrations, PedsPal only promotes vendors we use with a proven record of delivering on all of their promises.

Today, the state of Colorado pushed out a new vaccine tools website: Vaccine resources for health care providers. It’s actually very good, and includes vaccine resources like group purchasing programs.  Several of them claim to have discount medical supply agreements, like our national Henry Schein agreement. In checking with Henry Schein, it turns out that claiming to have a program and actually having a program may be two very different things.

Our promise to you is that we will never misrepresent our opportunities for savings, we will only promote vendors who perform at least as well as they claim and we will work every day to make your life easier and your practice more successful.

Thank you for the faith you have placed in us to keep our promise.

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