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As our VaxCare pilot progresses, we continue to be pleasantly surprised by the positive results. In fact, some results we didn’t even anticipate.

Last week, one of our staff members ordered an adult vaccine that we don’t use in our pediatrician offices. When the order came through to VaxCare, its electronic filter flagged the order as a possible error and froze the order until we could confirm it. When we checked, we found that it was indeed a mistake. This stopped us from receiving and paying for a vaccine we didn’t want and couldn't use.

VaxCare has more than 1,000 offices in which they own and manage vaccines. Their size has given them the opportunity to think very carefully about all aspects of the vaccine supply chain, and they completely understand how to minimize unnecessary expenses. This is a significant differentiator between VaxCare and folks who would like to just sell us electronic vaccine inventory software. Most software vendors want to sell us a tool that they don’t use themselves. With VaxCare, we are buying the very same tools they use every day.

Our partnership with VaxCare now gives all of us who want to purchase and administer vaccines the most powerful vaccine management tools that have ever existed. Being in control feels great!

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