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We were instrumental in getting the FDA waiver that allowed 2D bar codes to be placed on individual vaccine vials. We knew this step was critical to vaccine inventory control, and that's why we spent 12 years building consensus and, ultimately, gaining approval. Next, we worked with the CDC on two rounds of bar code scanner pilots to determine if the bar codes would improve accuracy. However, what we found was that the handheld scanners provided by the CDC gave inconsistent, often frustrating results. Our staff quickly grew tired of the pilot and honestly, fairly disinterested.

Little did we know that VaxCare had the same experience with handheld scanners and, as a result, developed the VaxHub™ with a built-in scanner that works every single time – it is remarkable how much better it is. So, now, instead of our staff complaining about frustrating scanners that don't work, they are eager to let the VaxHub™ scan and document the vaccine being administered.

Serendipity is a fortunate happenstance that was unexpected, and our VaxCare pilot is making serendipity an everyday occurrence. 

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