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I, Ryan Champlin, Vice President of PedsPal, have spent 30 years helping physicians be more successful in their practices by having a heartfelt desire to advocate for those issues that allow physicians to succeed – both clinically and financially. That advocacy has grown from helping my first multispecialty group become the most successful full-professional risk group in the Denver market during the HMO boom of the early 1990s to now being able to speak on behalf of our more than 6,000 national PedsPal members.

I was asked by a physician yesterday what I do. When I tried to explain that I manage a large physician GPO, both she and I seemed disappointed. PedsPal is a GPO and does save our members a remarkable amount of money, but that's not our passion. Our passion is helping physicians be great physicians - great physicians who can feel good about their practice because it provides for them, their family and their staff (our savings certainly help in this regard) and great physicians who provide exceptional care by using new tools that improve patient safety, like exceptional vaccine storage and 2D bar codes on individual vaccine vials.

PedsPal looks for savings for you so that our membership will grow. We use that growth to give us leverage to improve your professional opportunities. Thank you for being a member, and please ask your friends to join us.

At PedsPal, we are, first and foremost, physician advocates – your physician advocates!

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