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We were all promised that if we put up with the cost and "inconvenience" of electronic medical records, they would help us prevent medical errors. We've now learned that this promise isn't always true, and when providers tune out or turn off alerts, errors can happen.

Enter VaxCare. We received a report yesterday that one of our VaxCare scanners wasn't working correctly. A dose of Hepatitis A vaccine simply wouldn't scan. As it turned out, it wouldn't scan because the dose was for an adult and the patient was a child.

By giving our staff a tool that only focuses on vaccines, and a tool that focuses on giving those vaccines safely, we can insert hard stops in the workflow when something doesn't seem to be correct.

Here, our well-intentioned staff had inadvertently picked the wrong dose of vaccine. It is easy to do in a busy office when all the vials look very similar. Thankfully with VaxCare, each dose of vaccine is unique and can't be confused with any other dose, making it much more unlikely that a medication error can occur.

Nice catch, VaxCare!

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