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One of the benefits of having spent more than 30 years working with physicians is my ability to try to help physicians avoid pitfalls that we’ve seen before. In the early 1990s, many physicians became employed by health systems that wanted to succeed under capitation. Projected economics did not match up with real world results and losses on these acquired practices led to a failure of that model. This time we are calling it “value-based care” and health systems have again raced to acquire practices to be able to succeed under the expected new model. Unfortunately, once again projected economics are not matching up with real world results and once again the employer is telling the now employed physicians to pick up the pace and do more with less. There is a great example of this in the article.

D-H May Ask Physicians to Pick Up Pace

The only value-based model that works is one in which all components of care have aligned incentives and an equal voice in choosing the type and quantity of care that will be provided. That requires physicians in governance positions.

PedsPal exists to help physicians retain the option of practice ownership and to help physicians return to private practice if being an employee turns out to be less attractive than what was promised.

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