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Our purchasing agreements with Sanofi Pasteur, Merck and Pfizer all have expectations of member loyalty to each brand in return for which our members get better pricing and in return for which we offer our members the opportunity to share in the administrative fees we are paid by these vendors to run our program. This structure makes sense, and is not terribly different from all customer loyalty programs that reward a vendor's most loyal patrons (think frequent flyer programs that allow high mileage fliers to board the plane first).

While a small discount on each product may not seem important, in the aggregate, the savings can be huge. For instance, Merck reports that our members have saved $4.3 million so far this year.

Likewise, the opportunity to share administrative fees can create a significant opportunity for our larger groups. In fact, we paid our members $330,000 this year for purchases made in 2015. One member received over $15,000!

We want to continue our success and to share it. For 2017, we are expanding our rebate program to include a share of the admin fees we receive from Sanofi for Fluzone purchases. We want you to clearly understand that we value your loyalty.

The key to growing your discounts and growing the annual rebate distribution is your support of our vendors. Please focus as much of your activity with them as you can and please encourage everyone you know to join our program and to be loyal, too.

In return, we will continue to find ways to share more of our good fortune with you, our good friends.

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