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There are other group purchasing organizations (GPOs) you can work with, but we think you should work with us because we treat you like part of our family.

Here’s today’s example:

One of our members recently had a vaccine storage failure called the next morning to ask for our help. We gave them the steps to take to recover from the loss and we reached out to our national vaccine contacts to ensure the member would be taken care of on a priority basis. Next, we asked our vaccine temperature monitoring partner to look into the cause of the failure. This is their response:

I am traveling today, but just heard a message from Ryan and wanted to get this off to you as soon as possible. I see there have been several high- and low-temp alerts on this unit lately, when before, none of this had been happening. This refrigerator looks to be on the brinks of failure, as it now sits at 47°F and is in high-alert status.

Based on the below, we started sending the low-temp alerts at 7:24 p.m., then again at 11:44 p.m. Was the issue that no one took action or is there another issue? The below numbers and emails were used for this alert.

Please see below as well. This unit was running flawlessly until Sept. 13, where it started to bounce high and low (both excursions).

Please shoot me your concerns and I will address this as soon as I return to the office.

We have already offered to help them determine if they need a new storage unit and have experts standing by to help if they do. We challenge any other GPO to be able to tell you remotely that your refrigerator is failing.

We, and our vendor partners, are here for you, and always will be.

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