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Doctors are in the unique position to improve and sometimes save the lives of their patients. When those doctors are willing to become advocates for the tools and treatments they see helping their patients, they can truly help millions of people. Can there be a nobler calling than to serve others without any expectation of recognition or reward?

We are proud that Jason Terk, M.D., one of our PedsPal medical directors, is one of these physicians. He's always advocating for practice improvements that will have far-reaching benefits for all children. His latest efforts have been focused on improving HPV immunization rates by working with doctors that treat the illnesses that the HPV vaccine can help prevent. By bringing these realities home to pediatricians, he's helping more of his peers become advocates for full HPV immunization. 

The great news is that his approach is getting traction with the media and is creating a fact-based dialog that will save lives. Check out this article recently published by the Hartford Courant.

We don't treat patients ourselves, but you do, and we want you to continue to do so. Your success makes us proud because your efforts save lives. Thank you.

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