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PedsPal is a group purchasing organization (GPO). GPOs grew out of a simple concept – two or more buyers choosing a single vendor with whom to work, and that vendor giving them a lower product price as recognition of their loyalty.

Somewhere along the way, this concept morphed from simple to confusing. Many GPOs moved from buying "groups" to corporate entities with GPO profit as more of a driving force than member savings.

At PedsPal, we're working hard to get back to the original purpose of GPOs. We're maximizing member savings by simplifying administrative activity and by moving to stronger relationships with fewer, very carefully selected, vendors.

On the vaccine side, we're urging our vendor partners to stop the growth of what they call "hybrid" programs that may look like physician buying groups (the name given to GPOs that focus on vaccines). In fact, those are just extensions of hospital-based GPOs.

Hospitals have never had, nor will they ever have, the lowest net cost for vaccines. That's because hospitals don't give a lot of vaccines. Doctors give vaccines and so only true physician buying groups can give you access to best net pricing on vaccines. If you are approached by someone with a vaccine price that seems too good to be true, please check with us so we can find out ALL of the details for you.

On the medical supply side, we're finding many of the most important national manufacturers are eager to work with a group like ours that wants to promote traditional GPO values – mutual loyalty, mutual respect and superior support – as evidenced by a mutual commitment between the vendor and our members. Our BD Veritor, Vanish Point and Oakworks contracts are representative of this type of agreement. We expect more of these agreements to become available to our members over the coming months.

By requiring and enforcing member loyalty to our selected vendors and by reducing unnecessary administrative costs, we're able to provide our members with incredible pricing on their most important items. Many times, our contracts offer savings that are so large that new members are shocked. But, this means that our program is not for everyone. Practices that want to "shop around" aren't a good fit for our program and may be asked to leave.

For practices who share our philosophy, we promise that you will not find a more committed, more loyal or harder working partner than PedsPal. And, we promise to work every day to simplify your purchasing experience.


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