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We all know this old adage. And I've come to understand, there is a reason that old adages exist – they tell us important life lessons. The challenge comes when trying to understand the added value that makes up for the incremental cost. 

Fortunately for our members, we see that "homework" as our task. We are always happy to research your buying options and share what we learn when we compare products.

Here is a great example of what we mean:

A member is looking for a number of "standard" H-brace exam tables. Perhaps the best known of these is a table that we've seen purchased hundreds of times. Our member price is $361, on a table that has a retail price of $491.99.

On the other hand, we have a direct agreement with Oakworks® because many of our members have a strong preference for Oakworks® tables. The comparable Oakworks® table is $408 for our members.

On the surface, the two tables are similar, so we asked how they differ. Here is what we learned:

  • All Oakworks® PowerLine tables are partially assembled; the legs and understructure fold out from under the table at the time of set up and the only piece that needs to be attached is the H-brace beam on the bottom, making installation easy and quick. Field reps love this design as many of them have to put these together for their customers.
  • Competitor tables are completely unassembled, time consuming to build and are often missing pieces.
  • Oakworks® provides five choices of FREE lacquer color/finishes.
  • Oakworks® PowerLine tables ship in one box, while competitor tables ship in three boxes.
  • Oakworks® PowerLine tables have a 500-pound patient weight capacity; competitor tables have a 400-pound weight capacity.
  • Oakworks® PowerLine tables are made with hardwood (maple and oak); competitor tables have hardwood legs only, and pine and particle board elsewhere.

So, as we learned, that $47 buys you a significantly better table … one that will be better on the first day and better long after its competitor is retired! 


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