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As we discussed in the last post, our program rewards member loyalty. Conversely, practices that join our program and then decide not to be loyal are asked to leave. While this may sound harsh, it’s not.

There are many buying groups that allow casual members. Those groups are expected to provide their casual members with only small contract improvements.

On the other hand, we view PedsPal membership as a privilege. It’s reserved for like-minded providers who want maximum savings in return for dedicated vendor volume.

This may seem like a relatively small difference, but in fact, it places PedsPal and YOU, our members, in a very exclusive club whose favor is highly sought by our vendor partners.

The vendors are so eager to work with us that we have several direct vendor agreements being negotiated today. Each of these will offer our members the lowest prices paid by any provider for the goods and services of those vendors.

These new contracts will be added to our agreement for BD Veritor, our Retractible Technologies agreement for VanishPoint®, our agreement with Oakworks® Medical, our agreement with SMART Temps®, our agreement with Oncor Technology™ for medical waste disposal and the list goes on.

We now have members in nearly every medical specialty and in 49 states, so all of your friends and associates are welcome to join us – if they, too, share our values and goals. If not, we’re happy to help departing members find a program that is more appropriate for their expectations.

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