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PedsPal and VaxCare share a common goal to immunize every person in America. We know that's the  most effective way to reduce national health costs and to improve public health. And there's nothing better we can do for each person than to offer them the greatest possible protection that full immunization provides.

For PedsPal, this has meant working tirelessly for the last 12 years to hold down vaccine acquisition costs, to support fair reimbursement for the vaccines given and to build out the necessary vaccine storage solutions to protect your vaccine inventory. With our new VaxCare Enterprise solution, managing your vaccines has just become much easier and much more accurate.

Our discounts and tools allow the majority of our members to make a small profit on the vaccines they give. By giving these practices better vaccine inventory management tools, we expect their immunization profitability to improve.

For other practices, the complexity and cost of managing an immunization program isn't fully reimbursed. This leads to immunization opportunities being missed and/or patients being sent from the practice to a pharmacy to receive the needed immunizations. We also know that many of these patients won't follow through with the pharmacy and will remain under-protected.

For successful immunizers, the VaxCare Enterprise solution, which is being piloted at Cook Children's, will move their program up to the next level.

For practices that worry about managing the complexity and cost of an immunization program, the VaxCare Core solution is perfect. VaxCare will purchase your current vaccine inventory and then become your vaccine “partner” by stocking vaccines in your office for your patients, as you indicate. VaxCare will bill the payers for the vaccines, removing financial risk from you and your practice.

Together, PedsPal and VaxCare now can offer all practices a vaccine program that drives efficiency (time, work and profitability) and effectiveness (improved immunization rates).

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