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Have you ever wanted to be a super hero with X-ray vision? That's exactly what VaxCare has just given us, and it's super cool!

Pre-VaxCare, we needed to manually count vaccine inventory and add to a large spreadsheet – the only way to “see” what vaccines we had in inventory when the count was complete. Of course, that wasn't the true “current“ number, as doses were coming in and being used all day, every day.

Even if you were in our clinics, you couldn't see inside the vaccine storage units without opening them and looking around – not a good idea if you are following best practice guidelines for safe storage.

When we turned on VaxCare, we suddenly had the ability to see the number of doses, by lot number, of each vaccine in every clinic. You can “see” them in the storage unit with the door closed. You can see them on your computer at work. And, you can even see them on your cell phone at home.

You can see the dose count rising as orders arrive and falling as patients are being treated, and it's not just doses, but also the value of those doses. You can see the correct par value for each product. You can see orders that are recommended and you can see the status of shipments that are on the way.

We now have X-ray vision, and it's pretty awesome!

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