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Can inventory automation change the entire vaccine landscape? Maybe so … or at least one of our large national vaccine partners thinks it can. At their request, we met last week to discuss the status of our VaxCare pilot and our plans for the future.

As you know from your own practice, your vaccine inventory can be tracked manually with daily counts and reconciliations against billed vaccines. You can guess at the appropriate amount of each vaccine to keep on hand and when to order more. Your staff can continue to try to read the super small print on each vial and enter the NDC, lot number and expiration date into your patient record. We’ve all done it that way since we first begin giving vaccines and it still works ~ just not very efficiently.

On the other hand, our clinics using the VaxCare tools have dramatically reduced their inventory (by as much as $25,000). Plus, by allowing the computer and a built-in scanner to manage the inventory and record the vaccine information for each vaccine given, their staff members have been freed up for more important activities. Boy, does the staff like the new workflow!

But, this isn’t what has our large vaccine partners so excited. They’re excited about the opportunities that are opening up to improve immunization rates and series completion rates when you introduce a vaccine-specific smart tool into the clinic within the nurses’ work space. In this case, it’s a tool that can find immunization opportunities for the practice and suggest them directly to the nursing staff. No more having to “look around” in a clunky EMR to check status or hoping that the patients (or their parents) remember if they are fully immunized.

Our excitement continues to grow.

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