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We wanted to be sure that we were being absolutely truthful when we complained that other medical supply discount programs might be overstating their savings – so, we double checked. It turns out that we were not only right, but our savings are even greater than we thought.

We have now done an item-by-item comparison between our members’ Henry Schein price on a long list of most common practice items and the price of those same items when purchased through the program other physician buying groups offer. Our program is lower on every single item we checked – by as much as 54 percent! Even we were surprised.

Please take advantage of our Henry Schein program for all of your medical supply needs. We are certain that it will save you money.

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Email us at, or call 1-877-923-2233 so we can assist with your enrollment. It’s truly a hassle-free endeavor that takes about 10 minutes.

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