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So, if giving vaccines isn’t going to make you rich, what is?

Some folks say that being a member of PedsPal is the solution. Here’s what Dr. Justin Puckett has to say:

“We met PedsPal at a state conference and, after studying the program carefully, we were so impressed that we introduced them to our local independent practice association, which has now endorsed PedsPal for all of its members. They have kept pricing consistent over time, resulting in long-term savings. They wrote the book on customer service. Whatever we ask, we get a straight answer, thoroughly and quickly. And, we saved at least $75,000 in the first six months.”

And here, just for fun, is the wedding video of one of our newest members.

Money is hard to make, so we want to help you keep as much of yours as possible.

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Email us at, or call 1-877-923-2233 so we can assist with your enrollment. It’s truly a hassle-free endeavor that takes about 10 minutes.

Membership is free and gives you the power of service and savings.

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