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A perfect vaccine inventory would contain the smallest quantity of necessary vaccines available at the right time for each patient who needs to be immunized. Lacking tools to create the perfect inventory, we tend to hold more vaccines on hand than we would like, creating cash flow issues for the practice and risking a significant financial impact if a power failure causes a loss of that inventory.

Twelve years ago, we set out to build the tools that enable a perfect inventory and we're excited to announce that we may be about to make that dream a reality.

This week, we begin a pilot of the VaxCare solution at Cook Children's. With VaxCare, we'll have full, immediate visibility of all doses on hand. We will receive automated notices when it's time to approve a re-order of vaccines and automated updates to our inventory when ordered doses arrive. By integrating VaxCare with our athenahealth EHR, a single scan of the vaccine vial will verify that the right patient is receiving the right vaccine, will document that dose in the EHR, will decrement the inventory and will augment the re-order queue.

In time, we'll connect VaxCare with our state immunization registry so that VaxCare can suggest immunizations that appear to be needed – while the patient is being seen. VaxCare will also adjust our inventory based on seasonality and, ultimately, based on our scheduled future appointments.

In return, we'll have higher immunization rates, better cash flow and less stress. Not to mention that all purchases will automatically be at the best possible discount!

This project has been in the making for years, and it was spearheaded by us so that all of our members can reap the benefits. We'll be keeping you posted on our progress and once we believe we have achieved the perfect inventory, we'll tell you how you can have one too.

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