Trumenba® now available for PedsPal members

PedsPal has signed an agreement with Pfizer to provide Trumenba at a discount to our members. Administered in three doses, Trumenba protects against the four most prevalent group B strains of Meningitis in the United States.

Meningitis B is very serious and can be deadly. It can lead to brain damage, hearing loss, loss of limbs, motor impairment and even death within as little as 24 hours. Trumenba is recommended for both males and females between the ages of 10-26 years.

Until now, there was no approved vaccine in the United States against meningococcal group B disease. Available as a prefilled syringe, and sold in packages of either 5 or 10 doses, the catalog price is $115 per dose. The PedsPal member price is $109.25 per dose, but after the prompt payment discount of two percent (if paid within 90 days), your net cost comes to $107.07 per dose.

How do you plan to protect your patients against Meningitis B if not by Trumenba? Contact your Pfizer representative today.

Why Trumenba?
You may ask why we have a Trumenba contract rather than a Bexsero contract. Ultimately, it’s because Pfizer offered a contract that we felt was more supportive of our members. Here’s more on the science on the two vaccines.

FLUZONE UPDATE! Still waiting for your flu vaccine to be delivered? Why wait any longer?
A number of our members who have experienced delays in receiving FluMist® shipments have expressed an interest in purchasing additional injectable flu vaccine for their patients. We have confirmed that Sanofi has both multi-dose and unit dose Trivalent and Qquadrivalent Fluzone® ready for shipment. If you need additional vaccine, we would encourage you to act quickly as annual supplies are limited and are expected to sell out.

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