Vaccines are the most cost effective tool to improve public health. Physicians should know that if they stock and give vaccines they will be adequately reimbursed. We can help you increase your vaccine reimbursement.

Vaccine Reimbursement Toolkit

Fair reimbursement of your cost to purchase, store and administer vaccines is critical to the health of our children and your practice. To help you negotiate fair reimbursement, we've put together a toolkit we have successfully used in our payer negotiations. Please click here to access our vaccine reimbursemet toolkit.

VaccineView: A New Paradigm in Transparency

Our own medical director, Jason Terk, M.D., is featured on athenahealth's blog discussing the benefits of VaccineView.

athenahealth Launches VaccineViewSM

At our request our vendor partner, athenahealth looked at 159,000 paid commercial vaccine claims to determine if the provider had been reimbursed at least the CDC posted retail acquisition cost of the vaccine. Read the landmark study VaccineView and find out how it is a great step towards reimbursement.

VaccineView 2011: Improving Reimbursement Transparency

Two years after this statement was published, the situation for physicians who regularly provide vaccinations—pediatricians being the most affected—is worse instead of better. The cost of vaccinations has gone up, and some vaccine distributors are requesting payment faster. But the direct cost of the vaccine itself is only the tip of the iceberg. Physicians must also deal with associated indirect costs

Read VaccineView press release.

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Save on barcoded vaccines

Save on barcoded vaccines

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